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Cute & Affordable Spring Pajama Sets

Hi friends! Today, I want to talk cute Spring pajama sets that are affordable. I know that half the country is still dealing with bitter cold temperatures and even ice storms (shoutout to all my Illinois friends and family lol), but what’s more exciting than thinking ahead to Spring when it doesn’t exactly feel that way outside?!

It’s true, we spend every night in our pajamas, so it’s important that they’re comfortable, but I like mine to be cute too! Finding comfort and style can cost you big bucks these days and that is not ok. Below are a few affordable pajama set options I found that are comfortable, stylish, and affordable (each set is under $25). Winning across the board!

Doesn’t this set look so feminine and dreamy?! Ok, so this is the only set that is technically over $25, BUT it’s from Kohl’s (need I say more?) Raise your hand if you love Kohl’s… *WHOA* I was literally just blown away by all the hands that just flew up in the air!! Hah! If you’re not familiar with Kohl’s or you just don’t think of Kohl’s as a store with a lot to offer… please, take a moment to visit your nearest Kohl’s store or look online and you’ll see that it has come a long way since the early 2000s. They have so many cute, trendy brands now (i.e., LC Lauren Conrad clothing, ELLE Women’s Clothing, PopSugar, and so many more)! The best part is that they always have sales going on, the markdown on prices are insane (I recently bought an $80 PopSugar trench coat for $12), and you can stack coupons + Kohl’s cash!!! Ahh!! Ok, what I’m trying to say here is that you can easily plug in a coupon code or use Kohl’s Cash (or both) to bring this set well below the current $27.99 price. 🙂

“You can’t have a bad day night in polka dots.” Anna Kendrick
H&M Light Blue Pajama Top and Pants

You can’t have a bad day/night when you’re wearing polka dots, you just can’t. It would be weird if you did. They’re so cute and playful looking! Lol This set is from H&M and I like that it’s a jersey material, so it’s soft and it’s thinner. So even though it’s long-sleeved and pants, it’s not going to burn you up at night and cause you to sweat profusely. Lol

All three of these sets are from Nordstromrack and are under $22! I’ve linked the pictures.

The first set is classic and chic. It has an elasticized waist with drawstring which is always an appreciated feature to pjs/loungewear. The second option is really cute, and it’s a nice stretch-knit material. I love that it comes with a matching eye mask! Apparently it’s from their holiday collection, but it’s shooting starts so I don’t really get that holiday vibe, but I do like the holiday discount! 😉 The third option is totally effortless but not frumpy looking. It has the cutest rhinestone detailing along the side of the pant leg too!

All three of these sets are from, and I couldn’t be more giddy about them! Lol!

Umm let’s talk about this first set… how CUTE are they?! The fluttering eyelashes and peplum top are so fun! Coming from a girl who loves makeup and beauty anything, this set just speaks to me. Again, this second set is so adorable! A shoe-lovers perfect pajama set. Lol! I’m a big fan of jogger pants for lounging around and sleeping in, so these striped joggers are totally my thing and the little red high heels make it that much cuter. The third set I threw in here because, like the black Nordstromrack set, this classic button down, collard top is so cute in pink!! And this set gives you the option of jogger-style pants (again with a drawstring) if you don’t care for capris. I also love that the piping pops with the color white!

Which of these sets are your favorite?! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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