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Cute Spring Sandals – Budget Friendly!

Hi friends! I know that for many in the midwest and across the country, inches upon inches of snow is a very real thing right now… but here in Florida, it’s starting to feel like Spring! (Sorry, please don’t hate me! Lol). I’m going on an island vacation in a few weeks, so I’ve been purchasing some cute sandals for my trip and wanted to share. 🙂

As you can see, I have a thing for nude and tan colored sandals. I can’t help it! They are just guaranteed to go with pretty much any outfit – from a casual tank and shorts, or a fun romper, to sassy maxi dresses, a neutral sandal fits every occasion. I do have a pop of blue in there too though because color is fun and color makes a statement – which I am all about, especially during the spring and summer months!

These add a little flair to your outfit and I’m here for it!

Let’s start clockwise, from left to right. These first sandals totally scream island-vibe to me! I love the woven look a lot right now. I just picked these up at Discovery last week for $10.99 (not even on sale)! Such a steal. They have hard bottoms and don’t feel flimsy at all. They don’t have this exact pair online, but check in store. I’ve linked other similar pairs below.

Love how easy and casual these are!

Moving right along, everyone needs a good pair of neutral flip flops to just slip right on when you’re on the go, going to the pool/beach, etc. This pair by Lauren Conrad is currently on sale for just $12.99 at Kohl’s! I have three pairs of these – nude, black, and white. I love them all! Lol I like that they feel like good quality flip flops and not cheap. Win-win for me!

I plan on wearing these with basically everything!

Now this pair of sandals I was obsessed with finding for a good deal! They are dupes for the Steve Madden sandals (surprisingly half off at Saks Fifth Avenue right now) that were EVERYWHERE last summer thanks to fashion bloggers around the world! They are, of course, a dupe for the Hermès ($680 – shockingly expensive if you ask me lol). Anyways, I found these on Amazon and they come in several colors for under $20! Below are a couple more cute dupes. 🙂

My “fancy” slide ons 😉

These next pair are so stylish! They are from the brand A New Day at Target. I love the knotted detail and the satin-like material adds a level of luxury to this cute slip on! I have worn this both causally and dressed up a bit. I love that I can bring my heels and keep these on hand in my car or bag in case I need to walk somewhere, help clean up after a party, whatever the case may be. They are perfect and they come in two other shades!

These are just so cute and feminine!

Last but certainly not least are these adorable wedges that I am obsessed with! I mean… how cute is that bow!!! These are the perfect height, comfortable, and can be worn casually or with a dress. These I purchased recently at a little store in my local mall, so I don’t have an exact link, unfortunately. But I have linked a few other super cute wedges below!

I hope this post got you excited for the warmer days that are just around the corner! I can’t wait to pair these with some of the new pieces I’ve ordered for vacation. Stay posted for pictures! And be sure to follow me on Instagram @thesavvymaven for try-on reviews that I do on IG stories! 🙂

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