Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Hi! My is name Christina and it’s nice to “meet” you! I’m just your ordinary gal who likes all things girly including, but not limited to, blush pink, peonies, sparkles, makeup, fashion, pink kitchen utensils and appliances… you get the point. But I also love vintage anything, history, watching documentaries, historical fiction novels, thriller/mystery books and shows (Criminal Minds, anyone???), and board games. I’m an overall interesting person, can’t you tell?? Just kidding lol

My husband and I recently moved from Illinois to Florida, and we are loving it! Now, instead of worrying about black ice and never-ending construction, I worry about the infamous Florida drivers. You win some and you lose some! I’m a recent online graduate of Liberty University’s Masters of Strategic Communication program. Faith and sweets keep me going and I’m only half joking when I say that… I enjoy writing and I hope you’ll be able to gather as much through this blog. Glad to have you along on this journey!